About Us

Established in 2004, Inspiraz Technology,being a technology-oriented company develops our software platform, Wizer & WebSpect, with the sole purpose to eliminate the need of customized programming to solve an application need. At the same time, in order to enhance the inspection capability of our software, we collaborate with MVTec to use their Halcon library to build up our inspection tools.

The business model for VizCam machine vision software was conceptualized with a strong belief that the present process of writing a machine vision software application can be simplified and standardized so that it can be easily configured and implemented by floor engineers at any time. Till today, software engineers are still needed to write the program for the specific inspection requirement, and this process can be very time consuming, tedious and costly.

Our new concept aims to simplify the setup and deployment of machine vision applications while providing a powerful tool set, enabling users with little to no experience in vision technology to easily accomplish tasks such as part identification and location, item traceability tracking, measurement, assembly verification, and more with a minimal effort.

In collaboration with our German partners with their proven capabilities in machine vision applications and technologies, VizCam’s model is developed to offer a revolutionary new approach to machine vision inspection enhanced with minimal learning curve that will open up new frontiers in machine vision development.