App Store

The apps concept has been conceptualized to serve multiple goals.

As a company, it takes a lot of effort to understand the requirement and needs of any new industry that we are not familiar with. This will incur time & financial resources to achieve this goal.

It makes sense to “四两搏千斤” which means “To borrow the strength from others” as what is practiced in Taichi. We can tap the knowhow & skills of experts in their own industry, and has the full knowledge on all the exact needs of what the specific industry will need for their machine vision requirement.

We also believe in the approach of 最强大脑 as there will always be exceptionally knowledgeable people everywhere, who can use their specialized know-how to convert into simple applications tools for others to use.

Customized programming may be able to solve a problem, but the time and efforts taken, & resources to write the program or to do changes is unrewarding. Once the programmer is not around, this will pose an issue of continuity for the company.