About VizCam

VizCam’s concept has always been to focus on portraying “simplicity” in our products. We aim to minimize the learning curve for inexperienced users and eliminate any need to learn a programming language

  • To learn and use the vision software in a short timespan
  • To adopt a systematic approach on writing the vision applications quickly
  • To reduce time taken to complete the vision inspection system setup

Our vast collective experience in the machine vision industry enables us to better understand and respond to market needs. VizCam utilizes a common vision software platform that can be used in various camera hardware configurations for vision applications across different industries.

The software is specifically designed for ease-of-use in simple applications without sacrificing features and functions needed for more complex requirement.

VizCam’s software platform simplifies the creation and setting up of vision application via “drag and drop” function icons, rather than using programming codes. This eliminates the pain and burden of high financial and manpower resources, which reduces overall costs of ownership/operation.

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