Partner's Program Concept

One of our key beliefs is the philosophy of Tai-Chi “四两搏千斤” where we will be “borrowing others’ strength to create more strength”. With this, we build our business by various approaches:

  • Value-add Resellers (VAR)
  • System Integrators (SI)
  • Equipment Builders (EB)
  • Private Labeling (PL)

As Inspiraz is providing a business concept for the machine vision business, one of the ultimate goals is to simplify the approach to create wide variation of application tools which the industry can build upon the Wizer software platform. This is to make a complicated application into a simple app tool, which can be used easily by an normal engineer, without the need of programming skill. This will then become a common tool, within Wizer platform, and can be used by the industry at an affordable cost.

To make this apps concept successful, we will need to build a pool of freelance apps developers who already have the application experience in their own industries, eg semiconductor, PCBA, automotive, pharmaceutical, packaging, etc.  They will have very clear ideas on what the particular industry expects in the specific applications, and this will eliminate the extensive time to learn the needs of a new industry. 

This is the same concept as the Apple Apps store or Google Play where the apps developer will be paid a fee for every apps license sold to the market

For the apps developers, this will be a good means to build up passive income by using their past experiences to build up multiple apps.