1D/2D Code Readers

ID readers are crucial in any retail stores, logistic hubs or factories for identification & tracking of items. In the factory, the production parts are running in batches through the automated lines, and the use of the ID readers can specifically locate the exact location or process that each batch is already at.

Wizer or WebSpect has one of best reading capability due to the fact that the algorithm is using Halcon library, which is one of the leader in the world.


1D data code symbols have been commonly used in the whole industry for the commercial & industrial applications. Wizer & WebSpect is able to read single or multiple codes accurately and quickly even if the code is tilted at an angle. The codes Wizer & WebSpect can inspect includes 2/5 Industrial, 2/5 Interleaved, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, Pharmacode


2D data code symbols are a special kind of two-dimensional patterns that encode text and numbers. Wizer and WebSpect is able to read the most popular 2D data codes: Data Matrix ECC 200, QR Code, Micro QR Code. These codes contain a finder pattern and a data pattern. The finder pattern is used to locate the pattern of the symbol and get basic information about the geometric properties, e.g., the orientation of the symbol. The data pattern contains the code itself and consists of multiple dots, bars, or small squares, the so-called modules. Because of the special design of the codes, they can be decoded even if some parts are disturbed.

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