Wizer Intuit (Machine Learning)

Wizer Intuit is a self-learning machine software, which was developed from a hybrid of machine vision (MV) and artificial intelligent (AI).

Utilizing its unique MV/AI approach, Wizer Intuit is able to solve complex issues for defects inspection.

Wizer Intuit uses good products to carry out the learning/training process.

This significantly reduces the development time to create a solution, in comparison to traditional machine vision and deep learning approach.

The key purposes of using Wizer Intuit will increase the products quality (increasing inspection consistency & reducing misjudgement), increase efficiency and reduce costs on manpower & products returns.



Training Image

    • Only good images will be needed for the training. It will be easier to collect good images

Training Time

    • Training time will be short, i.e. less than 30sec using 5MP camera/i7 IPC
    • When there are different products within the same machine, the conversion time will be quicker.


    • Easy to do a redo the teaching or training in short time.

Evaluation Period

    • Assessment of the product can be done quickly online or remotely.

Easy to use

    • Will be easy for the user to know how to set up & train

AI Learning Method

The standard neural algorithm will need lots of data for improved processing. Wizer Intuit only require a small group of good product (about 100pcs) to achieve strong results quickly

Defects Screening

After the software learning process is completed, adjustment will only needed for the strength & size tolerances

Yield Monitoring

Many data can collected for reporting purposes to make prompt decision. This includes the time & period for collection, yield details, warning, etc

Illumination & Program Control

The digital control of the illumination can be managed for different projects or product type. This will allow for auto change for the light intensity.