Vision Sensor

Cameras for Machine Vision and vision sensor are designed to enable automation in the production control of the material or process based robots. For example, for managing the production flow for packaging lines, you simply need a CCD camera which is a low cost investment. A very high precision is possible at FPA’s for both guidance and clinical use. If you need a camera to recognize and measure heat flow, it is usually recommended to have microbolometer cameras which can also be used to identify heat flow and measure it for other purposes.

In selecting machine vision cameras, there are certain important factors. A camera for product control won’t have similar characteristics to a camera for robot control. You then have to choose among different sensors: CCD, CMOS microbolometer, FPA etc. Ensure the right communication interface among numerous available options: USB 2.0-3.3.0-Gige, Cameralink PoE and VGA. The choice of any of these features depends on your application and budget. This may also mean selecting whether or not you need infrared or ultraviolet vision.

Vision sensors are well used in production control, object flow management and microscope. It gives information about machine vision and machine automation equipment. VizCam can provide a unique solution to every problem with imaging technology.