Vision Software

Our core applications are critical to efficient small businesses that want to speed up day-to-day operations or increase profitability. Our vision software such as the Wizer, Wizer Intuit, Wizer DP, WebSpect, also offers industry-specific packages to simplify the software selection process for your organization. We have a wide range of innovative solutions that will expand your business faster and more efficiently. We are committed to delivering relevant effective vision solutions to your industry and firm.

Our vision software solutions offer deep learning machine learning compatibility product options to match your applications and experience. This package for fast coding without any programming library for image processing functions for machine integration is available for purchase. Besides technology developments, the company also contributes to the development and marketing of upcoming generation machines.

The latest generation of machine vision configurable software with new and enhanced features provides even greater user convenience, by increasing productivity and efficiency in the development and implementation of machine vision applications.

Being standard computer-based machine vision applications, our latest Vision Software is an all-in-one 3d inspection software for rapid development of machine vision applications without programming for optimal performance and reliability.

It provides many standard visual inspection tools used in the Halcon library, including image acquisition, calibration, alignment, measurement, and code readers. It also features multiple image processing in multiple camera applications, no pre-programming required to set up / implement a vision application, and the ability to create your own visual tools.