Wizer Pro

WIZER PRO vision software is a configurable machine vision software which offers high performance, power and flexibility to solve your machine vision applications.

  • Quick and flexible application development
  • Powerful and robust inspection tools
  • Multi-image processing on cameras with maximum performance
  • Offers standard vision tools like image acquisition, alignment, measurement & code reader

A common platform software for different applications

WIZER PRO vision software with the 2 inspection tools have a combination Machine Learning as well as Deep Learning modules. This software environment eases the application development for your inspection and graphical interface, with intuitive drag & drop concept; without the need for programming. This offers a higher degree of convenience for the user with increased productivity and efficiently in developing as well as deployment of your machine vision needs.

Drag-and-Drop Concept

WIZER PRO vision software offers a integrated development environment to allow user to drag-and-drop interface to create your inspection as well as your graphical interface.

The WIZER PRO Configurator has always been focused to be with “simplicity” and aims to minimize the learning curve for inexperienced users and eliminates the need to learn a programming language.

Customized Your Interface

The WIZER PRO UI Designer allow user to create graphical user interface through panels of button and windows display. The designer links the widgets to those parameters of the tools used in the inspection program. The parameter values can be adjusted & for visualization.

Application Areas

WIZER vision tool library contains a wide range of tools for most common vision processing tasks, such as matching, measurement, code reading etc. User can also expand by adding your own customized inspection tools to suit any project application.

Optical Character Recognition

Barcode & Data Code Reading



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