Wizer RTU

The RTU System is our new cutting-edge product that offers high speed and high-performance machine vision system, that is ready & easy to use. It comprises of software with controller and cameras that offers higher degrees of convenience for the user, with increased productivity and efficiency in developing and deployment of machine vision applications.

Complexity to Simplicity

The RTU (Ready-to-use) System always focused on the concept of “simplicity” and aims to minimize the learning curve for inexperienced users, eliminating the need to learn any programming languages. Most of the inspection tasks require in-practice & vast experience to operate them but with our RTU software, it will be ready for use in just few steps.

All Tools

RTU All Tools application software powered by vision controller and cameras; offering high and positive read rates of barcode, data matrix codes and QR codes, as well as reading challenging characters in quick & easy guided method. It is also equipped with measurement and presence check capabilities.

  • No prior programming needed to configure or deploy vision application

Complete Code Reader

RTU Complete Code Reader (CCR) application software powered with the vision controller and cameras; offers high and positive read rates of barcode, datamatrix codes and QR codes as well as reading challenging characters in quick guided & easy-to-use.

  • Rading of Barcodes
    Standards ISO/IEC 15415, ISO/IEC 15416, AIM DPM-1-2006, and SEMI T10
  • Reading of Date Codes
    ECC 200, QR, Micro QR and PDF417 codes of any size

Optical Character Recognition

The OCR coverage includes a wide range of industries (dot matrix fonts, semi font, industrial fonts, hand written fonts, etc), where it can achieve excellent recognition rates for most of your application needs.

This tool segments image characters; extracting the characters from noisy and complex backgrounds of the images for higher accuracy in classifications and better reading rates with high speed.


The measurement tools can measure points, edges and arcs to perform sub-pixel accurate measurements. It can measure the dimensions of parts quickly and easily with high accuracy.

Application Areas

Optical Character Recognition

Code Reader



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