Vision Controller & Systems

With a large portfolio of I/O applications including camera interfaces, control microseconds from an advanced I/O sensor and an AI-enabled inference it can simplify system integration complexity and decrease the cost of ownership. The aforementioned powerful capabilities are the results of extensive development to dramatically boost machine vision capabilities beyond traditional product lines for multiple automated optical inspection (AOI) applications including food & beverage, Pharmaceutical , and other related products. Our vision controllers and systems raise the baseline for modern machine vision systems, creating innovative applications of the finest level of quality and performance.

What is a vision system?

A machine vision system consists of one or more cameras for imaging combined with a controller that runs Acquisition and Analysis software. These products take multiple forms. Some common examples are smart cameras where the camera and the control unit are all assembled in a single unit. You can use each of these systems to solve similar applications but they all come with unique features that make them more suitable for certain use-cases. To choose the best controller for your application, it is important to consider your needs and match those with the vision controller most suited to the job. There are additional considerations like the supported camera options I/O capabilities and the ability to integrate with the existing infrastructure that may affect the controller you choose.

Color Vision

There are many types of controllers, one such example is the Color vision controller which belongs to the enhanced division and offers additional MMI object properties. Color Vision models have a default system font set. This font contains a limited set of characters and can not be modified. We are able to add fonts that contain multilingual words to the display. Enhanced colour images are represented by default text and the text highlighting is done grey.

Smart cameras

Our Smart camera features offer dustproof coatings and extremely rugged constructions. Image sensors are accompanied by an efficient Intel® Atom chip built into the computer. These design edge smart-grid devices can use traditional machine vision methods and Deep Learning techniques within tight spot of industrial environments. Systems integrators, machine builders and OEMs can both develop applications for these smart camera applications via an intuitive flowchart-based integrated development environment.

System integration

Machine vision systems are often added to an existing infrastructure that is composed of systems from different vendors where each uses proprietary interfaces. These integrations can be difficult but generally standardized standards have been introduced to make this connection much easier. Please understand your current infrastructure and find a vision controller to integrate with this.

I/O Capabilities

Machine Vision Systems require basic digital data signals for the generation and use of cameras or encoders. Some image processing systems may require advanced functions. In some material analysis applications, it is often required to synchronize images with measurement data so events in the images can be correlated to measurements. For more complex I-O needs, select a product that has integrated or network-distributed like EtherCAT or integrated I/Os. For basic needs such as triggering or unsynchronized measurements, it is acceptable to choose an integrated controller for more complex needs.

Comparison of products

VizCam offers industrial controllers as part of its vision system offerings. Process power and number of cameras significantly affect system performance for machine vision systems. Our versatile controllers provide performance close to the possible performance of a processor of desktop design within a passively cooled package. It supports USB3 optical camera which is USB 2.0 compatible backward compatible. Our controllers and systems also offer limited FPGA-related image coprocessing support, but performance gains are small. The application dictates which software is appropriate for each user. For more specification data, please view our products below which provide essential details such as data storage, I/O integration or visual-specific features such as POE on these products.